Roles and Commitments with Fiscal Sponsorship

1.  We seek to fulfill our charitable mission in all our organizational practices and select projects for sponsorship that relate to our mission and charitable purpose.

2.  We will fulfill all legal, tax, and regulatory requirements of philanthropic and charitable nonprofit organizations and comply with the letter and spirit of the laws.

3.  We will manage all funds under our control with a high degree of responsibility, transparency, integrity and accountability.

4.  We manage all administrative duties professionally and with a high degree of integrity and accountability.

5.  We maintain a strict code of ethics and avoid all conflicts of interest in conducting all affairs of Dragon Farm including all sponsored projects.

6.  We will provide administrative and coaching support to projects, including setting up financial reports needed for IRS reporting, ongoing coaching, fundraising ideas and support, handling all donations in timely and compliant manner.

7.  We will disperse projects funds in a timely manner, and will establish a biweekly schedule of payments for expenses incurred.

8.  Dragon Farm will retain 10% of all funds raised by the project and will not assess any other fees without proper and agreed upon disclosure.

9.  While we retain full legal and financial control of sponsored projects, we will work to fairly resolve disputes that may arise between Dragon Farm and project leaders.

Project Roles and Responsibilities:

1.  Project will maintain high ethical conduct, avoid conflicts of interest, and maintain operational and organizational standards adopted by Dragon Farm.

2.  Project will conduct the primary work of fundraising and resource development.

3.  The project will report orally and in writing to Dragon Farm, and will maintain a relationship with donors. Written reports are due quarterly on the 1st of January, April, July, October.

4.  The project will expend funds only for the stated purposes in the proposal and must provide detailed accounting and receipts for each expenditure. Monthly financial statements must be given to Dragon Farm.

5.  The project is expected to understand and comply with the required legal and ethical guideline when engaging in public policy advocacy activities.

6.  The project will disclose and state in writing their affiliation with Dragon Farm in all grant proposals, solicitations and published or online materials.

7.  The project will not engage in any activity that jeopardizes Dragon Farm’s nonprofit or tax-exempt status or otherwise create injurious liability.

8.  Dragon Farm has a process through which the project leaders can discuss the timing, steps and procedures for separating or terminating the project.

9.  The project leaders will attend all Dragon Farm functions and present progress reports at the annual meeting.

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