Guidelines and Application for Fiscal Sponsorship

Dragon Farm selects a limited number of projects each year to act as a fiscal sponsor. Fiscal sponsorship, or program incubation, is an effective and efficient mechanism for starting new nonprofits, seeding new projects that benefit the public good and delivering services for others. Under this, we agree to provide certain administrative services and oversight to, and assume financial responsibility for, the activities of groups or individuals engaged in work that fulfills our mission. We have adopted the Guidelines and Recommended Best Practices designed by the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors and require our sponsored projects to do the same. In addition to mission fit, we expect project leaders to adhere to our stated standards of ethical conduct, organizational policies and operational procedures. Since we assume legal liability for the compliance with all IRS rules and laws, we strongly recommend that project leaders provide their own liability insurance for any acts of negligence or misconduct. Dragon Farm does not assume liability for and loss or injury arising out of an act or omission by a project leader.

As a general rule, fiscal sponsor applications are reviewed quarterly. Deadlines for submission are January 1, April 1, July 1,and October 1. All submissions must be made electronically, and and non-electronic files can be mailed to Dragon Farm, PO Box 194, Tenants Harbor ME 04860. Decisions are made within 30 days.

Dragon Farm Mission: Dragon Farm is a not for profit educational, research and membership organization whose mission is to:

1. Develop and sustain educational forms for women and men that empower the collaborative voice and practice of female authority, and well-being in our communities and in the world.

2. Provide a particular focus on sustainability, social justice, and the support of true dialogue across differences. Attend to the dynamics we find within ourselves, communities and work in the world, and our struggles with visible and invisible differences including gender, race, religion, class, heritage, sexuality and sexual identity.

Dragon Farm includes but is not limited to: *Workshops, seminars, lectures, and other educational programs.
*Program incubator (fiscal sponsor) for limited number of projects that meet our mission. ________________________________________________________________

Application*  Download (PDF)


Project Name:

Project Location:

Name and Email Address of Project Leader(s):

Address: Phone(for each leader):     Land line:


I. Mission of Project:

II. Description of Project (Please provide a detailed description of the work, time frame and duration, names and credentials (experience) of all paid and unpaid staff and advisers):

III.  Please discuss how your project fits within the mission of Dragon Farm.

IV.  Budget (Please provide a detailed budget for one year, or duration of project if less than a year). Use separate spreadsheet. Please identify how the project will be funded. Please include for each potential funding source the name of the organization, contact person and details. For all confirmed funding sources, please include a letter of commitment or involvement from them.

V.  Any other information you would like to add.

*Please use as much space/pages as needed.

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